Heating-Ventilation and Air Conditioning Cleaning Service

With over 15 years of experience, KenTek has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Cleaning Service.

HVAC Cleaning Services

KenTek provides qualified duct cleaning with the newest technologies to ensure your getting the job done right. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Hood Cleaning

Protect your business with regular exhaust cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning protects your facility, staff, and customers; it protects your business. Many kitchen fires after cooking oils have been pulled into the exhaust system, where they leave a dangerous, unsightly, flammable residue. Regular hood cleaning is the best way to remove that oily residue and decrease the risk of fires in your kitchen.

Kitchen Hood Filters

Filter Exchange Program

One of the most effective ways to ensure your commercial kitchen maintains a healthy and safe environment is to have your vent hood filters cleaned on a regular basis. Our professionals start by removing your dirty, grease-filled filters and replace them with a fresh set of factory cleaned filters. We automatically repeat this process at an interval custom fit for your kitchen to keep your kitchen functioning at its highest capacity.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning Services

Qualifies commercial grease fan cleaning and maintenance

We completely remove the fan from its location and do the manual removal of the grease buildup that has accumulated. 



Kitchen Equipment

We at KenTek provide commercial appliance and kitchen equipment cleaning and restoration

After all of the important parts are disassembled and organized, we remove the grease build up on the parts and in the interior. Once all components of your fryer, flat top, grill, stove, salamander; to name a few, are cleaned, then reassembled to ensure full functionality. We take the time to polish and detail all of the exterior parts of the piece of equipment to create a finish that makes your unit look brand new.